domingo, 30 de novembro de 2008


The ozone when present at earth surface. It has prejudicials effects for living beings. However in the atmosphere the ozone constitute a layer.
The ozone layer has the particularity to absorb more than 95% of the U.V. which emit for the sun. For this fact it acts like a filter to project the living beings for U.V. radiation.
If the ozone layer didn’t existed the U.V. emissions source and the earth surface. Without it every life form would be mostly of skin cancer after a prolonged expouse.
There’s a long list of products which are prejudicials to the ozone layer mainly the ones that are included in the CFC’ group.
There’s some regions of the planet where the ozone layer is thinner and were a was formed.
This gap wile increase the temperatures and consequently the breaking up of the polar ices.
Ana Rita

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