domingo, 30 de novembro de 2008


The ozone when present at earth surface. It has prejudicials effects for living beings. However in the atmosphere the ozone constitute a layer.
The ozone layer has the particularity to absorb more than 95% of the U.V. which emit for the sun. For this fact it acts like a filter to project the living beings for U.V. radiation.
If the ozone layer didn’t existed the U.V. emissions source and the earth surface. Without it every life form would be mostly of skin cancer after a prolonged expouse.
There’s a long list of products which are prejudicials to the ozone layer mainly the ones that are included in the CFC’ group.
There’s some regions of the planet where the ozone layer is thinner and were a was formed.
This gap wile increase the temperatures and consequently the breaking up of the polar ices.
Ana Rita

One of the effects of global warming is the melt of ice that has been happening in some places of the world.
One of the most affected places is the Antarctic, which its temperature has been increasing. The biggest ridges of the world are also loosing major quantities of ice and snow.
The global warming in the Arctic is affecting millions of people and can origin the extinction of species, like the polar bears. The Arctic is the place where the temperature is getting higher faster. The North Pole’s sea might disappear soon.
If all of the Antarctic’s ice melt, the sea levels will rise some metres. And then, we can say “Goodbye Lisbon, London, New York”. The world would become even bluer, and the big cities where big populations live, would be submersed.
The poles are the places of Earth where the effects of global warming are more noticeable and faster.
Even if people start to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide now, only in some time the climate would react.
Ana Rita

Cloning is the process of producing populations of genetically-identical individuals that occurs in nature when organisms such as bacteria
, insects or plants reproduce asexually.
Cloning has its advantages like, for example, human embryo cells that were cloned can help the human who has the original cells, because the genes and the DNA are the same.
On the other side, cloning can have its disadvantages, too, like “technically”, this “process” cans origin errors and defects on the fetus. That means that this process is risky and it even brought bad results in the species that they experimented.
Cloning can steal, too, our individuality, as we discussed many times in our English classes.
Ana Rita

Every day, we hear that the obesity (and its diseases) is increasing in our society in the past few years. We hear too that children and adolescents show a bigger tendency to obesity now than before. They just not only have a bad alimentation, but also a non regular practice of physic exercise. Young people prefer to stay at home in front of their PC.
People should eat healthy food. It includes water, vitamins, salt minerals, etc.
The expression “have diet” is used usually when people need to lose some weight and most of the time, they don’t have correct diets, turning it to a bad alimentation. In fact, almost all diets are unbalanced and then, they don’t give to our body all nutrients that it needs which can result on multiple disturbances that can be very dangerous. A balanced diet is the first step to the maintenance of a balanced organism.

Ana Rita

Recycling consists in a set of procedures that allows taking used and useless materials to fabricate completely new products. So those materials were transformed in something useful. On most of the cases, the recycled products are different from the ones that they were at first.
Most of the domestic trash can be recycled even if people make a big quantity of trash and rubbish. If we all would separate trash to recycle it, the trash containers wouldn’t be so filled. Almost everything in terms of packages can be recycled: plastic, metal, paper, glass and even wood.
Recycling depends on us. The first step is to separate those used packages by their type of material and put them in the respective containers of recycling.
Big gestures today that will turn in something big tomorrow!
Ana Rita

sábado, 29 de novembro de 2008

How to be good!

Nowadays everyone talks about fat, sedentary, sports practice, healthy food, bad food, fat children, heart diseases, cholesterol, etc.
Every day we learn another healthy tip, about food, sport life, etc. even so, not everyone try to improve health, because today’s lifestyles are so different from years before.
Even so we must take care of our health since we are babies.
We must eat good food, practice sport, rest enough, laugh a lot, have nice time, don’t get to much stress, and have free time to have fun, enjoy life.
Nowadays we hear a lot about alternative medicines, lifestyles, etc; lots of things so people try to feel good in their own bodies and life. It’s interesting to watch different philosophies appear, different styles to go on living, different choices people take believing they are doing the best one.
Mariana Cardoso
The ethics of cloning

Cloning is always a difficult theme to discuss either because science is always trying to get far and far , or because religion is against it, saying it’s unethical.
But should we stop trying to find the end of mortal diseases, because one says it’s unethical? But does science only wants scientific cloning, or are there other interests undercover? Should men play with human kind?
What are the real ethical limits of cloning? Who can answer this? Are we protected from higher undercover interests in cloning?´
Mariana Cardoso
How I’d change the world

For me the world should start its change by protecting every single human being, so there shouldn’t be children dying with hunger, because of wars, people fighting because of oil and land, catastrophes happening because environmental is changing rich countries should contribute for the end of differences.
I’d start to change the world, by starting to change people’s mind, everyone should be friendly and happy; everyone should take care of our planet by recycling, not polluting.
Mariana Cardoso
An inconvenient truth

The planet is getting warmer! And many people still go on thinking that is nothing to do with them. That’s not true. It’s everyone business, especially big countries politics that must take care about pollution.
We must start acting by protecting environment because we need good conditions to go on living as we are used.
Mariana Cardoso
A Planet under pressure

Sometimes I think we don’t care enough about the planet we live in. We take for granted what we have without thinking about everything bad we do day by day. Only when bad things happen we start to look to planet earth with other CARING eyes.
We shouldn’t think bad things only happen to others, because that is not true: hunger is every where; one day oil will end and them..? What about water? Is it endless?? Don’t we see climate is changing? Is it because of growing pollution?
We must start educating everyone to protect our planet. It’s our world!!
Mariana Cardoso