sábado, 29 de novembro de 2008

How to be good!

Nowadays everyone talks about fat, sedentary, sports practice, healthy food, bad food, fat children, heart diseases, cholesterol, etc.
Every day we learn another healthy tip, about food, sport life, etc. even so, not everyone try to improve health, because today’s lifestyles are so different from years before.
Even so we must take care of our health since we are babies.
We must eat good food, practice sport, rest enough, laugh a lot, have nice time, don’t get to much stress, and have free time to have fun, enjoy life.
Nowadays we hear a lot about alternative medicines, lifestyles, etc; lots of things so people try to feel good in their own bodies and life. It’s interesting to watch different philosophies appear, different styles to go on living, different choices people take believing they are doing the best one.
Mariana Cardoso

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