domingo, 30 de novembro de 2008


One of the effects of global warming is the melt of ice that has been happening in some places of the world.
One of the most affected places is the Antarctic, which its temperature has been increasing. The biggest ridges of the world are also loosing major quantities of ice and snow.
The global warming in the Arctic is affecting millions of people and can origin the extinction of species, like the polar bears. The Arctic is the place where the temperature is getting higher faster. The North Pole’s sea might disappear soon.
If all of the Antarctic’s ice melt, the sea levels will rise some metres. And then, we can say “Goodbye Lisbon, London, New York”. The world would become even bluer, and the big cities where big populations live, would be submersed.
The poles are the places of Earth where the effects of global warming are more noticeable and faster.
Even if people start to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide now, only in some time the climate would react.
Ana Rita

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