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3 R's Politique

It was once a very very very old lady, who was called Earth. This lady was very quind to all children, but three of them were more arrivals to her:
- John;
- Ana Rita;
- Mariana;

One day this lady (who was very very very old) was seriously ill. And the children knew that, because the lady Earth use to tell them big stories until evenings sunset. But that afternoon Mrs Earth did not appear.

The disease that the lady had (who was very very very old) was very serious. Her name was global warming, and it made the Mrs Earth as warm as a kettle of tea, sweat, and was so red that seemed a tomato.

And the three children had an idea ...
We must help the earth lady!

And the three made a plan in which each offered a kind of gift.
Then John decided to offer the reduction.
With this gift he promised to reduce all packages of plastic, paper and metal, so that the Earth does not tire so much.
Mariana decided to offer re-use.
With this gift Mariana promised to give all the clothes that were small to her, for those who needed more, use again all the bottles of water that she drank, rather than throw in the trash, so that you earth not getting bored with work to do everything again.
Ana Rita decided to offer Recycling.
With this gift, Ana Rita promised to use sheets of recycled paper, cork and wear clothes at all times the separation of its packaging. She gave this gift so that lady Earth could smile again.

And with all these gifts Mrs. Earth (which was very very very old) are gradually began to recover.
She get out of her bed more often to come to the window, smile more, and until one day...

The three children had the pleasure of listening to Earth to tell them all their stories. And that, despite the children not knowing, it was a special day.

Dont Worry Be Happy - Holly Dolly

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