segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2008

Bio - Architecture

In response to the last sentence of the previous article posted by me (how can we leave the tighrope?)I decided to set out some options for life from the philosophies of life projects ... I Decided to start addressing the issue of Bio - Architecture.

Briefly, the Bio - Architecture is a part of Architecture prefers the use of natural materials that do not undermine the nature, and that the ecologic footprint of its construction is the minimum possible.

For those who do not know, the ecologic footprint is indicative that measures the space and resources that are used by the Society. Our Ecological Footprint, you should be thinking, its really huge, because every day use billions and billions of natural resources, and often not as easily as we put them again should.

In Architecture Biological materials used, must meet the highest possible relationship to the environment, and to avoid the use of chemicals, like:
-We bet on bad drivers of energy materials, namely, the heat (or energy) is too slow for the middle inside the external environment, so as to maintain a pleasant environment at home.

It is thought the habitat as a space for protection but also for the promotion of health of body and spirit.

An example of Portuguese Bio - Architecture is the Gerês House, a home that fully respects the habitat where you are. A person comes to confuse it with the environment around. It is these examples that we should follow ... Seizing the resources that nature gives us and enjoy a balanced way.

João Guilherme

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